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Pipeline reviews to include environmental regulations, First Nations consultations

Pipelines tar sands mapGraham Slaughter, CTV News, January 27, 2016

The Liberal government says it is “modernizing” the way Canada reviews pipelines and other resource projects, in a revamped process that considers future greenhouse gas emissions.

The new review process seeks to promote public transparency and provides funding for First Nations consultations.

The Wednesday announcement was described as a “transition step” before the Liberals establish a permanent set of rules. Read the rest of this entry

National Energy Board doing poor job of enforcing pipeline safety

Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline

Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion: lowering pipes into trench.

by APTN National News, January 26, 2016
OTTAWA – There’s fresh fuel for the raging national pipeline debate as a new audit has found the National Energy Board is failing to track pipeline approval conditions or follow up on compliance problems.

The annual report from federal environment commissioner Julie Gelfand says the Calgary-based board isn’t adequately checking to ensure the safe operation of some 73,000 kilometres of existing oil and gas pipelines operated by about 100 companies. Read the rest of this entry

Video: Karistatsi Onienre: The Iron Snake

Published on Jul 9, 2014 by Clifton Nicholas

The tar sands are the most polluting resource extraction operation in the world today. This film discusses some of the issues surrounding the tar sands and the impending development of pipelines in eastern Canada and pipelines in western Canada to open markets for this dirty energy. This documentary concentrates on the Indigenous struggles against the tar sands and the impending expansion of this operation if the western and eastern pipeline projects succeed. This film was made possible with generous donations film footage of independent filmmakers from and Greenpeace Canada as well as support from Indigenous Tar Sands Campaign and Idle No More Winnipeg.

Anti-pipeline graffiti upsets Vancouver business owners

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