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Counter-power and self-defense in Latin America

Colombia Indigenous Guard kids

Children form a line during a march of Indigenous Guards in Colombia.

Against the backdrop of state and gang violence, some of the continent’s most affected communities have taken radical measures to defend themselves and build new social counter-powers from below.

by Raúl Zibechi, ROAR Magazine, January 29, 2018

In much of Latin America, the state does not protect its citizens. This is particularly true for the popular sectors, indigenous peoples, people of color and mestizos, who are exposed to the onslaught of drugs trafficking, criminal gangs, the private security guards of multinational corporations and, paradoxically, from state security forces such as the police and the army. Read the rest of this entry

Canadian oil firm hit by occupation as Peru faces warning of wider Indigenous uprising

Peru oil occupation 2017

Photo: APTN National News

by Jorge Barrera, APTN National news, August 23, 2017

Hundreds of Indigenous people have reportedly seized oil facilities operated by the subsidiary of a Canadian company in Peru’s Amazon region amid warnings of a wider uprising over the Peruvian government’s failure to consult with communities before allowing extraction on their traditional territories. Read the rest of this entry

Indigenous group seizes Peru oil field facilities


Achuar indigenous people during a similar action in 2015. Photo: Reuters

Japan Times, August 23, 2017

Indigenous people living on Peru’s largest oil field concession have seized some facilities operated by Frontera Energy Corp. demanding that the government apply an indigenous rights law before signing a new contract with the Canadian company, a tribal chieftain said on Tuesday. Read the rest of this entry

Mass Trial of Indigenous leaders set to begin this week in Peru

Peru 2009 repressionby John Ahni Schertow, Intercontinental Cry, May 12, 2014

A massive trial involving 53 Indigenous leaders and activists is set to begin this week, reviving the tragic events that took place four years ago in the Amazonas Region of Peru.

In April 2009, a national indigenous mobilization was organized to stop a plan by the Peruvian government to roll-back indigenous land rights and make it easier for industry to exploit the Amazon rainforest.

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Indigenous protesters occupy Peru’s biggest Amazon oil field

Achuar protest against oil companies, May 2013.

Achuar protest against oil companies, May 2013.

Dan Collyns, The Guardian, April 25, 2014

Around 500 Achuar indigenous protesters have occupied Peru’s biggest oil field in the Amazon rainforest near Ecuador to demand the clean-up of decades of contamination from spilled crude oil.

The oilfield operator, Argentine Pluspetrol, said output had fallen by 70% since the protesters occupied its facilities on Monday – a production drop of around 11,000 barrels per day.

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Peru: Indigenous Occupy 9 Oil Wells, Force Out Talisman Energy

While activists have been carrying out civil disobedience against the construction of

In 2009, an Indigenous uprising occurred in Peru against oil and resource exploitation.

the Keystone XL pipeline in Texas, Indigenous people in Peru have been engaged in their own conflict with oil corporations.  On Sept 2, nine oil wells belonging to Maple Energy were occupied by some 400 people.  On Sept 13, Talisman Energy (a Canadian oil company) announced it was abandoning operations in the Amazon region, after spending millions of dollars on exploration since 2004. Below are two reports. Read the rest of this entry

Peru: Quechua People Set For Showdown With Oil Company On Rio Pastaza

Darrin Mortenson, Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Citing oil company abuses and broken government promises, indigenous Quechua people of the Pastaza River basin in Peru’s northern Amazon set a deadline  that could soon bring them into direct conflict with Argentinian oil company PlusPetrol and shove another resource-related flashpoint onto the Peruvian government’s already crowded map of social conflicts. Read the rest of this entry

Indigenous Peoples of Peru March in Protest of Mines

By Barbara Fraser, Indian Country Today, February 11, 2012

A caravan of about 700 people from Peru’s northern Cajamarca region arrived in Lima, the capital, on February 9, at the end of a nine-day journey to protest a mine they said would destroy key watersheds.

March for Water and Life poster, Peru, February 2012

“We want the president to say that there won’t be mining at the tops of watersheds,” said Jaime Lozana Infante, 38, of the community of Huasmín, near the site of the Congas mine. Congas is a project of Yanacocha, a mining company consisting of Colorado-based Newmont Mining Corporation, Peru’s Compañía Minera Buenaventura and the International Finance Corporation. Read the rest of this entry