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Red Warrior Camp closes

dapl-red-warrior-society-logoDecember 2016 Official Red Warrior Camp Communique

Red Warrior Camp has left the Lands and Waters of Oceti Sakowin.

Grassroots leaders LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard, and Chase Iron Eyes from Standing Rock have spoken and have made it abundantly clear that they want those equipped for the harsh North Dakota winter to stay and help stop DAPL, due to our current circumstance it is with great regret that we as Red Warrior cannot accept this heartfelt invitation. That is not to say we do not support this effort in fact is quite the opposite, we send our Warrior Salute and War Cry to the universe and the Ancestors that their needs are met and they receive the love and support they need in the fight for clean water. Read the rest of this entry

Stand with Red Warrior Camp…

dapl-i-stand-with-red-warriorRed Warrior Camp has been facing a lot of flack lately, from tribal bureaucrats to pacifist hippies.  Why?  Because they’re warriors who see the need to take action beyond pacified protests and prayer circles. Read the rest of this entry

Red Warrior Camp: Despite Obama’s intervention, pipeline construction continues