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Mask my identity graphicAncestral Pride, January 18, 2017

What I know on the subject of why I mask up. There are many times when people are at “political” actions or see pics/footage of direct actions pertaining to Indigenous Land Defence or any kind of resistance to the government or corporations and we are masked up. There is always people who take it upon themselves to question you as if they are the grand arbiter of how you can or cannot participate in resistance. Read the rest of this entry

How Security Professionals Elicit Information From People In Interview Situations

Interrogation Vader 1by, undated

If a trained interviewer has ever questioned you, you may have started out by promising yourself to keep certain information secret. Then during the interview, you spilled it all. Police detectives, officers and savvy security professionals have learned how to talk to people in ways that will elicit information that subjects prefer to conceal. How do they do that?  Read the rest of this entry

What rules must police follow to search a cellphone during arrest?

TORONTO – If you thought police would need a search warrant to look through the personal information in your cellphone during an arrest, think again. In a 4-3 vote, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled Thursday that police can conduct a limited search of a suspect’s cellphone without a warrant—but they must follow strict rules.

The ruling comes in relation to the case of Ontario man Kevin Fearon, who was convicted after a robbery at a Toronto flea market. Police looked through his cellphone after he was arrested and found pictures of a gun and cash, as well as a text message about jewelry. Read the rest of this entry

Police surveillance and tracking of your cell phone

Cell phone surveillanceThis article addresses the police use of new technologies to monitor and track the movements of people using cell phones or smart phones.  It highlights the vulnerabilities of such phones, especially for those that may be subject to surveillance (such as warriors).  Although the article does not go into other techniques, it is well known that such devices can also be turned into active listening devices even when turned off (by police or intelligence agencies secretly downloading “spyware” onto your phone, for example).  Read the rest of this entry