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Shuswap reserve chooses new council after spending became key issue in band election

Shuswap First Nation band office.

Shuswap First Nation band office.

Documents show millions unaccounted for despite lack of housing, education

CBC News, Nov 07, 2014

A member of the new council elected for the small Shuswap First Nation near Invermere, B.C., says excessive spending spurred band members to vote for change.

The reserve has had the same chief for more than three decades, but the band’s finances recently came to light under a new federal law.

“The majority of us are just elated and happy, and we’ve had tears and crying for joy and happiness,” said Barb Coté, who was successful in her bid for re-election. “Finally we have people that will do something for the community for a change.” Read the rest of this entry

Shuswap chief’s salary highest in country

 New ChiefChief Paul Sam’s take-home pay higher than prime minister’s at more than $200,000
By Peter O’Neil, Vancouver Sun, October 31, 2014
OTTAWA — An elderly B.C. First Nations chief and his ex-wife, along with one of their sons and a grandson, received more than $4.1 million in remuneration over the past four years.Shuswap First Nation Chief Paul Sam, 80, gets a tax-free salary that has averaged $264,000 over that period to run a tiny reserve near Invermere, a resort community near the Alberta border.The Shuswap have 267 members, of whom just 87 live on the reserve.His son, Dean Martin, is doing even better, with an average annual salary of $536,000 over the four years, running a band corporation that operates various businesses on and near the reserve.

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