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Sinixt Nation receives Notice of Trespass on “Crown Land”

On July 16 2013,  Two RCMP officers, one verified as being from the RCMP “ESinixt Protection-Camp Division” Major Crimes Section and two Ministry of Natural Resources enforcement officers come to “talk” to occupants of the Sinixt encampment on slhu7kin/Perry Ridge.  RCMP inform us that anyone blocking the road will be charged with mischief under the Criminal Code of Canada. We informed all the officers of the Sinixt extinction status (which they were already well aware) and of Canadian human rights law and Canada’s legal obligations to conventional international law. The Ministry enforcement officers served Notice of Trespass on Crown Land Orders to “occupants of Sinixt Nation”. The Sinixt lock on the gate was removed and left open with a new lock put in place. Read the rest of this entry

Sinixt Nation Press Release and Statement

Date: April 12, 2013Sinixt poster

Sinixt Nation has worked diligently over the past three decades to correct the 1956 Canadian government’s extinction status of Sinixt people. The Crown has recognized Sinixt people as indigenous peoples of Canada (as a tribal group) but not as the Indian Act’s defined term of “Aboriginal peoples of Canada” as presented in a document dated August 9th, 1995 and signed by then Indian Affairs Minister Ron Irwin which stated: “The Arrow Lakes Band ceased to exist as a band for the purpose of the Indian Act when-its last [registered] member died on October 1, 1953. … It does not, of course, mean that the Sinixt people ceased to exist as a tribal group.” Read the rest of this entry