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Police are Creating Fake Facebook Accounts to Monitor You — Here’s How to ID a Fake Account


Graphic: American Intelligence Report

by Kristan T Harris, American Intelligence Report, April 23, 2016

Police departments around the nation have taken predictive crime prevention to a new level by building fake user accounts, as well as posing as genuine people to gather information about local events, Tech.Mic reports.

Local agents put on a “digital mask” and pose as “members of the community,” allowing them to gather personal information about suspects they consider a high risk of being involved in a future crime or have existing charges. Read the rest of this entry

Live Streamers Make Great Informants

Surveillance live streamers 2Earth First! Newswire, Dec 24, 2014

There are many ways to effectively document the movement while protecting the space, its movements and people’s privacy. Live Streaming is generally NOT one of them.

A common issue with Streamers is their display of entitlement, often citing the value of bringing the movement to the people. But Streamers have a hard time admitting that the police find their work more valuable then demonstrators. Read the rest of this entry

In the online hunt for criminals, social media is the ultimate snitch

Facebook copWarrior Publications Note: Found this article while searching for graphics for the post about Canada’s internet surveillance act.  It shows the ease with which police can monitor, gather evidence and ultimately convict people based on their social media activity.

By Kate Knibbs, Digitial Trends, July 13, 2013

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