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Video: Sutikalh Home Of The Winter Spirit

Posted to Youtube Published on Feb 9, 2017 by Kelly Patrick Moore
“Here’s a short video we did to support those living on the land, those protecting the water, air and animals for all of us. If not for these protectors like Hubie and his family, you’d be passing a Nancy Greene mega ski resort on the Duffy Lake Rd. Luckily, now all you see on that route is pristine mountains and beautiful lakes, thanks to these individuals. Please share to help raise social and environmental awareness as well connect to those who are dedicating their lives as land defenders. Please support in any way you can.”

15 Years of Resistance at Sutikalh

Warrior flag flying over Sutikalh.

Warrior flag flying over Sutikalh.

, Vancouver Observer,

Since 2000, Hubert Jim has watched over Sutikalh with an attentive eye and clear love for this place. From the nearby highway, following along a creek bed to a small opening, he occupies a lone cabin that was erected during a blockade.Fifteen years ago, Olympic gold medalist skier and now Conservative Party Senator Nancy Greene-Raine was given permits to develop a $500 million all-season ski and recreation resort. The project was to be located in the pristine wilderness of Cayoosh Canyon, originally and now known as Sutikalh, near Pemberton, British Columbia. The proposal was met with Indigenous opposition, both in the form of legal battles and a physical blockade. To date, it has never been built. Read the rest of this entry

First Nations protest lingers against proposed Melvin Creek ski resort

Lil’wat man who is camping out in the Cayoosh mountain range says he’s protecting

Warrior flag flying over Sutikalh.

the traditional land of the St’át’imc people

By Yolande Cole, The Georgia Straight, September 13, 2012

Hubert Jim has occupied an unusual home for the last decade. Originally a resident of the Lil’wat First Nation community of Mount Currie, Jim used to work as a cook in restaurant kitchens in the Whistler area. Over 12 years ago, community opposition to a proposed ski resort prompted him to set up camp at Melvin Creek, or what is referred to by the St’át’imc people as Sutikalh. Read the rest of this entry

Spring at Sutikalh

by Gord Hill, May 28, 2011

Recently, I spent two weeks at Sutikalh, the St’at’imc village established in 2000 to protect the Melvin Creek/Cayoosh Mountain range from a proposed all-season ski resort. Sutikalh is located halfway between Mount Currie and Lillooet along Highway 99 in southern BC, and recently celebrated its 11th anniversary. Read the rest of this entry