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One year of Idle No More: update and analysis

Idle No More Dec 21 ottawa sign

INM rally on Dec 21, 2012, in Ottawa.

by Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, Dec 11, 2013

Last month at around this time, I posted one or two corporate news articles about the one year anniversary of Idle No More (INM). Yesterday (Dec 10), there were a few more articles about the one year anniversary. “What’s up with that?” I thought, so I checked out INM’s website. Turns out, the one year anniversary was officially declared to be a month-long series of events by INM Official (the website). Read the rest of this entry

Review of Wasase

Book Review by Zig Zag

Wasase; indigenous pathways of action & freedom
By Taiaiake Alfred
Broadview Press, Ontario, Canada 2005

Whenever I hear or read Taiaiake’s thoughts on Native peoples & our struggles, I think of a quote by the Chinese word-lord and all-around wise-guy, Lao Tzu: “The wise leader knows that the true nature of events cannot be captured in words. So why pretend? Confusing jargon is one sure sign of a leader who does not know how things happen.” Read the rest of this entry