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B.C. premier ‘concerned’ over data showing VPD disproportionately stopped Indigenous people

Premier John Horgan says he’s concerned about data released by the Vancouver Police Department showing “carding” incidents disproportionately involved people who were Indigenous. Read the rest of this entry

Vancouver cop helps fellow officers understand Indigenous culture

steve-hanuse 1Steve Hanuse claims not all cops are violent or racist… never addresses the claim that “All Cops are Bastards.”

By Liam Britten and Angela Sterritt, CBC News, June 21, 2017

The first time Vancouver cop Steve Hanuse had to stand up and speak at a community forum, it brought back bad memories.

Hanuse, an Indigenous officer, was asked by his superiors at the Vancouver Police Department to speak at a 1998 forum reaching out to the city’s Indigenous communities, who were furious over the recent death of Frank Paul. Read the rest of this entry

Video of arrests at Imperial Metals occupation in Vancouver

First Nations activist Audrey Siegl plans to file complaint after allegedly being injured by VPD

Video: Shut Down Canada – Port Metro Vancouver“>

A short video on the #Shutdown Canada action at a main entrance to the Port of Vancouver (Clark Drive and Hastings Street) on Friday, Feb 13, 2015.  Posted by Bear on Feb 16, 2015. Read the rest of this entry

Women assaulted by Vancouver Police at #Shutdown Canada

Siegl confronts McKinnn about his actions.  Source: Facebook.

Siegl confronts VPD officer she claims assaulted her. Source: Danny Kresnyak/Facebook.

by Warrior Publications, Feb 14, 2015

During the nation-wide actions to “Shutdown Canada” on Feb 13, 2015, the largest turnout was in Vancouver, BC, where over 100 people blocked a main entrance to the Port of Vancouver.  The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) deployed a couple dozen cops to the action, mostly members of the Public Safety Unit (PSU) in soft tac mode (baseball caps, no armour).  This is fairly routine in Vancouver, where the PSU is frequently deployed for protests. Read the rest of this entry

Information and Updates on “No Pipelines” Graffiti Raid and Repression

Business mural with "No Pipelines" spray painted on it, Commercial Drive, Vancouver.

Business mural with “No Pipelines” spray painted on it, Commercial Drive, Vancouver.

from Beat the Raids

Beat The Raid will be a place to hear up to date info on the repression of anti-pipelines activists and anarchists in so called Vancouver, BC. We are still fundraising and now selling no pipelines patches and t-shirts to help with legal funds. You can contact us at beattheraid[at] for questions and interview requests.

Together we will beat the isolation the state imposes on us. Read the rest of this entry