Warrior Publications is published in occupied Coast Salish territory (Vancouver, Canada).  Its purpose is to promote warrior culture, fighting spirit, and resistance movements.WarriorP WPress logo Red

In addition, this website seeks to function as an historical archive of Indigenous anti-colonial struggles and resistance, and to provide analysis of these struggles.


Warrior Publications has existed since the Spring of 2006, when the first issue of Warrior magazine was published.  In total, 3 issues were produced, along with various other documents.  In 2007, the first Warrior Publications website was established.  The current wordpress site was established in the Spring of 2011.

Content and Comments

Most of the content on this website consists of re-posts of corporate media news reports, which should always be read with caution.  Despite often being biased or outright sources of disinformation, corporate media still provides timely reports and can, along with other sources, be used to formulate intelligence (including a chronological history of events or struggles, etc.).  Whenever possible, alternative/radical media are also used to provide reports.  There are also a small number of original articles, some of which are filed under the Documents category.

Comments are encouraged to promote discussion and debate.  Those that are offensive, such as racist rants against Native people, will not pass screening and will be put in the trash.

Readers are reminded to use basic security precautions and to not post incriminating coments about themselves or others which police/intelligence agencies can use.

Editor / Publisher

This website is maintained by Gord Hill (Kwakwaka’wakw nation), who frequently writes under the pseudonym Zig Zag.  He is also the author of The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book, The Anti-Capitalist Resistance Comic Book (both published by Arsenal Pulp Press), and 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance (published by PM Press).

To contact Warrior Publications, you can email: zig_zag48[at]hotmail.com

  1. Good one.

  2. Sylvain Allaire

    Yes Je me SOUVIEN

  3. I have Nu:mi:pu blood…. ja ja ja ja Come try and deafet me lol…..
    I love to fight conquerers……
    The Last Known Enemy of Mankind are Assassins.
    Especially of Character…

  4. I will be following and researching these events for historical archives. Any teaching that may come my way would be greatly appreciated. I have been to BC twice and looking forward to going again this summer, perhaps I may be fortunate to better understand and appreciate this historical event. (tecumsa) my e mail is joeb@nb.sympatico.ca

  5. HI,
    Good to see your website.
    When reposting articles from Censored News or Narcosphere, please use only the first portion, about 100 words, then follow with a link back to the original website where the article is published. If you repost photos, please obtain permission from the photographers first, as many do not allow for reposting. Also, before reposting content please ask permission, as many authors do not allow for reposting their work. Thanks so much, Brenda Norrell, publisher, Censored News brendanorrell@gmail.com

    • This is your plan on expanding coverage of ‘censored news’?

      • Seriously, fuck this idea of copyrighting news and information. More ways for white people to claim entitlement and property, and to control what Indigenous people are and aren’t allowed to learn and gain knowledge about; sounds like another form of colonization.

  6. All Eagle Watch newsletters are free to post and use for educational purposes. If you haven’t read any yet, send me an email to subscribe. You can view and use the archives at
    We believe in giving credit where due. The Truth is what sets us free so how and why should anyone own it??

  7. David Dickinson

    The white man’s copyright laws protect native art, or at least attempt to. If copyright did not exist, then any tom dick or harry could appropriate native designs for profit, which probably happens anyway… We live in an age in which consumers are becoming more powerful, which is good if you are a consumer. On the other hand, the rights of artists, including native artists, are being chipped away at. Native artists need to stand up for their artistic and moral rights to their art and push for tougher copyright laws, not weaker.

  8. Its time for a revolution!

  9. I am the editor of a green/sustainability magazine in BC’s central interior and would like permission to reprint the no Enbridge illustration with the wolves (or bears?) for our Sept issue. Please contact me asap – we are going to print soon.
    Thank you,

  10. Apparently the rcmp, or red scourge, hates all of us. I write about the world wide destruction of our world by the IOC and I get a visit from our national police disgrace.
    So much for freedom of speech!

  11. Arthur Charlie III

    hello my name is Arthur Charlie III
    I am a student in Port Renfrew BC Pacheedaht first nation is where i am currently living
    and i am doing a report on first nation comic book artists in canada
    i was wondering if you know any other artists from canada please get back to me at acharlie97@gmail.com
    please feel free to get back to me with some other names
    thank you
    in peace

  12. In montréal yesterday, a group in support to Idle no more whit some native agaisnt the colonisation and a presence of anarchist made a 300 person demo.

    For more info email me.

  13. Support the Anti-Colonial Anti-Capitalist 19 (ACAC19)! http://wp.me/s2oXIT-1043 #Colonialism #Capitalism #Solidarity

  14. Good Site, uncomplicated (no distracting -not to the point -rubbish).
    Keep this up and we’ll keep following you.
    NAIS (Native American information site)-Acitivist News.

  15. Hello there i am volunteer of an Infoshop in the Philippines (Manila South), we would like to send our solidarity to struggle of Indigenous communities in your area. Here in our place we also have similar cases where indigenous communities are being displaced, abused, oppressed by the state and capitalists through mining, dam and other destruvtive projects.

    hope we can support you in any means we can afford. we have resources and materials that might interest you. please visit our website.

  16. is there anywhere you can purchase the shirts offline?

  17. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing the important messages in this blog. I came across Colonization: A War for Territory, and would like to discuss gaining permission to share some of the contents. I am writing an ‘anti-manual’ about helping under-housed folks. Please let me know what yo think about my request.

    • Hello Anna, if your manual is truly to assist under-housed people then you are welcome to use material from Colonization: A war for territory.

  18. My name is Michele. I am trying to find my real dad, who is a prominent member of six nations. I believe his name is Harnold Johnson. He may be the owner of a golf course. He maybe from the Ondinega tribe. He once tried to contact me when I lived in Cobourg on. Canada, but I was 18 at the time and too scared to meet him. I am sorry that this is not the proper forum for this plea, but I have run into dead ends every time I search in the conventional manner. I can be reache at 613 968 5180 or 613 902 0597. Thank you. Sago

  19. Have a look at the situation of Native Peoples in Paraguay. A terrible reality it seems nobody is interested in: http://www.ardaga.net (or directly at: http://www.ardaga.net/web-content/PDFS/Paraguayan%20Amerindians%20under%20genocidal%20pressure.pdf)


    The Mi’kmaq Warrior Society

    September 13. 2013


    MI’KMAKI TERRITORY – The Mi’kmaq Warrior Society, who are the Mi`kmaq Nation`s Homeland Security, are outraged by the displays of systematic racism shown by the RCMP in New Brunswick, Canada. It is because of displays of systemic racism and outright desecration of Indigenous Mi`kmaq Spirituality by the RCMP during the past months that help from the Mi`kmaq Warrior Society was sought.

    On the 28th of July, on Salmon River Road/Air Port Road, the RCMP declared War against the Mi`kmaq Warrior Society after Captain Ian Dupree from the Canadian Military directed the RCMP on the front lines to respect the Treaty Rights of the Mi’kmaq People and to allow the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society access to their Traditional Hunting and Fishing Territory.

    Since the July 28 incident, members from the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society have faced continual harassment from the RCMP, and in some instances have been severely monitored and followed. The Mi’kmaq Warrior Society has sought to create peace with the RCMP but all requests for negotiations for peaceful resolution have been declined on several occasions.

    On September 11, 2013, Warrior Society members were followed around the City of Moncton, New Brunswick and swarmed by undercover RCMP just moments after members exited their vehicles outside the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Members from the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society were attempting to discuss the current situation regarding shale gas fracking with the Indian Act Elected Representatives who were congregating at a meeting at the Crowne Plaza. James Pictou and Annie Clair were then charged. Annie Clair refused to sign conditions; was then processed at Codiac RCMP Detachment, and appeared before a judge shortly after. During a court recess, Suzanne Patles was then arrested with 19 RCMP officers present in the hallway of the Moncton court house on Assumption Blvd. Members of the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society attempted to negotiate peace with the RCMP, or set up a date for a meeting. All requests were denied.

    On September 13, 2013, the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society met with the Canadian Military from 1pm to approximately 4pm. A complaint was filed against the RCMP for the violation of Mi’kmaq Treaty Rights in these actions, and for occurrences commencing June 4th, 2013 and continuing to the present day. Assistance was requested from The Mi’kmaq Warrior Society to the Canadian Military to assist in the protection of the people against enemies both foreign and domestic. This seeking of assistance in order to protect the people is a Treaty Right; and therefore any refusal to fulfill this request for assistance is a violation of the Pre-Confederation Peace and Friendship Treaties.

    The Warrior Society will be holding a press conference in the community of Colette, at the old Ranger’s Building on September 16th, at 3pm. For Further Information please contact James Pictou @ 902 317 6040.

    Related Link:

  21. Oil tanker use double hull to haul oil why can’t we use double concentric pipes to pipe crude, could be a lot safer.

  22. Hi there,

    I’m a geography student in Université de Montréal and I’m now working on a project on the autonomy in the Oaxaca states in Mexico. The autonomys there is mostly native autonomy.
    I would like if it is possible if you could send me a definition of political autonomy for a warrior point of view. That will help me a lot to compare different kind a definition that concept could mean and how it is applicated in that state of Mexico.
    You could join me by that e-mail adress revoltenoiretrouge@riseup.net or answer on that blog.
    Thank a lot and I wish you a nice day end!


    • Greetings Alex:

      I am a socio-pedagogical empowerment activist. Not a warrior. Yet, the word warrior itself still needs much definition (finding).

      “Full and unrestricted community sovereignty over land, air, waters and all decision-making that affects the former three Earth elements and its living beings on and within it. No service obligations whatsoever towards any kind of state (authorities).”
      That’s my spontaneous definition for (native) autonomy.

  23. Thank you for keeping us knowledgeable about this tragic situation. How can I follow you in other social media networks?

  24. Suggest asking people passing through protest areas, to sign a petition regarding the missing women. There might be some who will be annoyed but you might get a great # of signatures to present to government. Good luck, An investigation is due when anyone’s murder goes unsolved and suspicious when so many are Native’s and no followup. Nancy Moisan, Tweed

  25. I would like to share this track made by the anti-fracking Protectors at Barton Moss U.K. We have included some footage of the miq-kmaq blockade in our video in solidarity. Please share. http://youtu.be/oMz9gzdDwCc

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