Colonization and Decolonization Manual

A manual for Indigenous liberation in the 21st century.

To view or download manual click here:  Colonization Decolonization

There is also an online version of this text at

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  1. I love this and read/share it often. As an educator it is a curriculum dream come true, thank you zig zag you’re a favorite person of mine

  2. wow……….fantastic material………I will share this with my children. As a white man trapped in this imperialistic and capitolist world, I have become so frustrated and angry with the constant walls I keep hitting. The system simply doesnt work how they portray it to. I fight it everyday. I understand how it is a master plan and feel disgusted that my Canadian pride or patriotism was actually supporting their cause. Im with you. Im down for a fight, I have been struggling long enough… I see how it all connects…You will be hearing from me frequently…. thanks very much. PEACE

  3. Joseba Iñaki Arregi

    This is from the Basque Country in Europe. Nice document that I will share with my students at the University. Thanks

  4. I’d like a box of these manuals so we can start schoolin…who supplies?

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    Check this PDF out folks, on #Decolonization. Wow.

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    EPic Decol. Manual. Check it out and share!

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