Security and Counter-Surveillance Manual

Security CounterSurveillance

A 20 page, 8×11 PDF Security and Counter-Surveillance Manual, updated in 2009.  Feel free to download and distribute in your area.

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  1. This document should be required reading for everyone. It’s a bit dated regarding internet security (after only 4 years!). An important and indispensable tool not mentioned is Tor available at made easy with the Tor Browser Bundle. Tor is a world wide network providing anonymity used by activists everywhere to protect their activities from network surveillance.

  2. We had security cameras installed by Cable Locators and are extremely happy with their work. They were professional, courteous, and informative, explaining what they were doing and why with every step. They were very cost effective, yet we have a high end counter surveillance equipment like DVR/web security system installed that I can even view on my smartphone- FANTASTIC!!!!!

  3. The article has actually peaks my interest. This document should be followed by everyone. The personal security phase is designed to teach preventative measures to be used in everyday life to safeguard against becoming a potential target. Also I’ve read a similar article from

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