PDF: Everyone Calls Themselves an Ally…

Ancestral pride logo ColourEveryone Calls Themselves An Ally, Until It’s Time To Do Some Real Ally Shit.  A new zine from Ancestral Pride, based in Nuu-chah-nulth territory on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

To download the PDF click the link below:


Check out their website:


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    Everything in this PDF resonates with thunderous power. A must read.

  3. I will not accept the assurances and promises of Harper, Clark, Oliver or the oil companies.

    I have never trusted or supported:

    people who put their ambition and greed, before discretion

    people, who intentionally do stupid thoughtless things, things, that fly in the face of their knowledge of the facts, better judgment, and common sense.

    People, that will not accept good advise, or the difference between right and wrong, and have no regard for, or take responsibility for the consequences of their actions, and put
    corporate profit ahead of the value of unpolluted clean flowing water, clean air, land and soils, healthy wild life, and marine life, the livability of the environment, and disregard
    the value of human life.

    people who insult the intelligence of others with their insistence of promoting something
    that they know to be untrue, ie. employment opportunities, economic benefits, safety, sustainability, promoting a boom and bust scenarios as a secure plan for future generations.

    people that intentionally put at risk the health, welfare and lives of the people they are suppose to serve

    people who lack honor and integrity

    This group:

    -has a history of lies and deceit, trickery and treachery, conniving and manipulation,
    coercion and broken promises in their dealing with the aboriginal people, and the
    colonizers of British Columbia, and our country

    -used lies and intimidation to mussel and discredit anyone who could cast them
    and their policies in a bad light

    -lacked the legal rights and titles to the lands and water they want to
    exploit, plunder, poison and destroy, before bending and twisting the laws of the
    land to conform to their purposes

    -failed to disclose the Marine Liability act, the restrictions planned for the
    use of Douglas Channel, and the planned construction of 11 hydro-electric dams,
    just to name a few subjects they knew would not meet with public approval.

    -repeatedly lied in their advertising campaigns, using false, mis-leading information,

    – do not consider the environment, lied about measures taken in it’s protection

    -knowingly polluted water, soils, air, and oceans by way of fish farms, air born
    industrial pollutants, fracking of wells, uranium and tar sands mining, and the use
    of GMO agricultural products in the indiscriminate poisoning of the population

    -destroyed peoples careers to cover their own misdeeds, ie. scientists
    researchers, Doctors, regulators, descenters, and non conformists

    -destroyed archives and libraries to obscure, hide and distort historic facts,
    and truth,in order to establish new sub-standard, base lines for standards
    to be followed

    -knowingly and willingly are complicit in the sickening and deaths of people
    living and working in the aboriginal communities, the oil and gas industry, the
    uranium industry, fish farming industry, and all other related industries associated,
    where people are exposed to and uninformed of toxic poisons in the air, water and
    land, where a safe work and living place is not regulated or monitored.

    These are but a few of the actions and conduct that I found to be reprehensible on the part of our government and foreign corporate leadership.

  4. We are the caretakers of Turtle Island – we have lived, thrived, and survived since time immemorial – long before the arrival of the European to these lands, long before the so-called technological inventions … Our knowledge and way of life have benefitted us and the next seven generations since !!!! We are the descendants of Great People! A’ho Keep the Circle

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