Masked and helmeted security guards at Lillooet construction site


via West Coast Native News, March 11, 2014

The St’at’imc in Lillooet, BC, have been blockading and protesting infrastructure work in the Cayoosh Creek since January of this year.  On March 10, the contractor deployed up to 8 security personnel from Griffin Security, clad in black uniforms, face masks, and what appear to be ballistic helmets.  For prior article:

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  1. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Paramilitary fascist protection. This shows how scared these guys really are. Keep hitting them with the truth.

  3. When the riverz r died were we get our food an water for. An will u then have enough money in ur bank or pocket to take wth u? Not. An leave nothing for the children of every race to live wth the distruction u leave when ur in the boneyard dead. God creator well deal wth u then beacuze he is the u can never run from. So think on that.

  4. It was the Chief Edwards son who threw rocks and injured workers, drunk as usual, so the Security has to protect themselves from more stupidity from the protesters.

    • Really, so chief edwards son throws a rock and he was drinking as usual. Great argument. Maybe after his mom was hit by a bullet that someone placed in the fire and having no reaction from local authorities and maybe seeing the hurt in peoples eyes in faces. Most of the protesters are elderly , then ladies there is few kids that hangout at protest. What he did was wrong and not condoned by the protesters and also he was not involved with the protest.

  5. A complete and detailed informed opinion is the way to avoid bias opinions. If all parties will do their home work, then the facts will speak for themselves. To shoot from the hip and give knee jerk responses will only incite hard feelings. Imagine if we could work together ?

  6. ” Truth never damages a just cause “….Mahatma Gandhi

  7. Michelle Edwards

    We all know it was my son there anonymous, if that is your real name. I watched the whole thing, was never asked for a statement about it. Spoke with the contractor immediately after it happened, seconds after it happened and let him know who it was. I have nothing to hide. there was one security on site that morning from Lillooet. it was after that they brought in Griffin security. Griffin security did not dawn their black uniforms with helmets and bullet proof vests until March 10. 3 weeks after they arrived. before that they were at our fire daily almost all day sometimes visiting with us.

  8. great share

  9. When the clean drinking water comes pouring out of your taps in Lillooet, your gonna ask your self, was it worth all the bull crap to obtain nothing in the end? All the protest did was make a Security company richer. we should start a Protest against the Protest because of the amount of taxpayer’s money used to pay the out of town companies to babysit this sideshow.

  10. Clean drinking water, seriously? I hear it smells so bad of chlorine it is hard to drink. A protest to protest our protest would have been welcomed by us. We invited the pro supporters of the intake but they never showed. We would have had an open discussion of both sides but in the end it would have not changed our minds

  11. So now that the Fraser River has bigger problems, Duchenne as the Polley toxic spill, DoL mayor and council continue to forge ahead even further upgrading the WTP, the Seton River, aka Cayoose Creek, plays a import role as a spawnin habitat for a variety of fish, mainly salmon, year-round. The Cayoose Creek should be left alone in the rehabilitation of salmon and for the ecosystem it supports.

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