Comic: What is Colonialism?

A four part comic by Zig Zag, originally published in Broken Pencil magazine.

Colonialism Comic 1Colonialism Comic 2Colonialism Comic 3Colonialism Comic 4

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  1. Really clear verbal-visual. Should be in high schools … accepted only if one’s country is not imperialist/colonial, however …keep up the educating.

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    Comic to understand colonialism and the dispossession of Indigenous peoples

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  4. I really, really enjoyed this explanation, it was simple, clear and in an accessible format that made it a pleasure to read VS threatening. Have the author ever considered doing graphic novels in a similar vein of Allison Bechdel’s “dykes to watch out for,” and her graphic novel autobiographies? Graphic Novels are a great way to get across experiences to a large population that might be intimated with more academic or literary type works. It would be amazing to have some graphic novels of First Nations Experiences to read. If the author ever creates some or has some already published please let me know….

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  6. Easier to critique a pathologic paradigm than to figure out a humane, sustainable alternative. And easier to turn on and stigmatize moderates as ‘collaborators,’ thus making sure that internal cultural divisions remain for the dominators to exploit. BTW, I think this graphic is well done, succinct, etc. If it is one in a series, one that can sometime shed a scalding bitterness and recognize some common humanity, all the better.

    • The comics are entitled “What is colonialism,” not “A road map to peace, liberation and rainbows.” As for collaborators, every resistance movement, including anti-colonial movements, have to deal with the question of collaborators, which are not simply moderates or reformists but people who actively work for our common enemy. You got all the answers? I’m sure we’d all love to hear them.

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    Simple, clear cartoons conveying the violent invasion and dispossession of Indigenous peoples by colonial forces.

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  9. So true. Mexico was part of it. All indigenous that were baptized had an specific haircut. They cut it short and with a fringe so they will know who was missing.

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