When Being An Ally Turns Into Being An Appropriator (Settler Conduct and Self Check) PDF

Ancestral Pride ally appropriatorPRINT READY! In the same vein as our first infamous zine, for indigenous and settlers alike here are some serious thinks to think about especially if you think you don’t need too. As my web master and ally friend put it: “Sometimes I think I am veteran, you know, like the call-outs are for someone else, not me. But I need to keep tabs on these things.”

Do you ever think that truths or check yourself advice, articles, or memes are not about you? Do you feel you been around long enough to know whats up with indigenous resistance or any kind of activism and and so you are exempt from these types of teachings? If this is you YOU NEED TO READ THIS NOW!

You can purchase for $10 (or more! bigger donations for the zines are happily welcomed) with Email Money Transfer to mamazonscreations@gmail.com or Pay Pal to the same email BUT email transfer is preferred!

As with the first zine, this zine was put together very awesomely by Annie Banks and Molly Jane!! Kleco Annie and Molly Jane for your support! The lino cut art with our sacred mountain Chitaapi and quote on the back the zine is art made by our super rad and amazing friend Annie Banks we have some for sale if you would like to purchase please email me mamazonscreations@gmail.com

Our Ancestral Pride crest was designed for us by Gord Hill, a long time friend, comrade, and fellow resister!

Xhopakelxhit & Gwaaina ~ our little rebels the Seitcham boys ~ Ancestral Pride


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