In Canada, officials keep close watch on environmental activists

RCMP cougar attack 1Newly released documents show that police in British Columbia are monitoring opponents of oil pipeline development


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  1. Harper created dangerous bills that makes the police able to point guns at protesters. These bills have to go. Vote Thomas Mulcair and that will revoke many dangerous bills if he gets in as our next Prime Minister.

  2. Stephen Blumstein

    Because bill C-51 broadens the definition of terrorism to include anyone whose actions can be construed as affecting the financial stability or infrastructure of the nation, environmental activists demonstrating against lucrative oil, gas, and bitumin extraction companies, like Chevron and Petronas, can be legally targeted by Canadian security agencies, including CSIS, CSEC, local cops and the RCMP. That’s what opponents of the bill find disconcerting, since it is a clear violation of many sections of the Charter, including s.2 and s 7. However, s 1 of the Charter allows for exceptions to those two sections because it is known as the limitations clause :

    “subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.”

    So it is not necessarily true that challenges to bill C-51 in the higher courts would be successful, and besides, if the conservatives are re-elected, they can rely on the limitations clause and other anti human rights sections of the Charter, to spell out the propriety and necessity of the bill.

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