Free Orlando Watley

Orlando Watley 1by Orlando Watley Innocence Project

Orlando Watley, a Chickasaw Native & Bantu African, from Corcoran, California, is a political prisoner with a life sentence at Calipatria State Prison in the Imperial Valley. He was charged and acquitted for one crime, a double armed robbery and double attempted murder, and then Riverside County tried to pin another crime on him, a triple homicide, because they were trying to clear unsolved cases by targeting Native Youth and People of Color.  Despite being 100% innocent, Orlando was convicted based on falsified testimony and DNA evidence, and has been in prison for twenty-two years for crimes he didn’t commit. For 22 years Orlando proclaimed his innocence and continues to fight for his Freedom.  

The Orlando Watley Innocence Project has been established to exonerate Orlando Watley and secure his immediate release. We are seeking attorneys, molecular biologists, activists, law students, and spiritual people – good-hearted people – to work on all aspects of the case for Orlando Watley’s Freedom.

We are raising funds for the lawyers fees, and a small portion raised will go directly to Orlando Watley for prison sweatlodge wood, food and art supplies.


To write to Orlando Watley: Orlando Watley K89676, PO Box 5005, Calipatria, CA, 92233

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