Video: BIA agent caught attacking female water protector with a baton in Standing Rock

Youtube video posted by The Daily Haze, Feb 4, 2017

Will Barton uploaded a video to his Facebook showing a BIA agent caught attacking female water protector with a baton in Standing Rock.

A disturbing video out of Standing Rock shows a female water protector being rushed by a BIA officer and repeatedly hit with his baton. The woman was unarmed and walking away from the officer when he attacked.

Will Barton uploaded the video to his Facebook page shortly after the attack occurred. The attack was said to have occurred along the road going into Sacred Stone Camp. Since being uploaded just an hour before this article was released, the video has already received over 25,000 views.

The video starts with two water protectors walking down the dirt road with two BIA officers walking up behind them. The officer closest to the two water protectors clearly has his baton out and is walking towards the two in a very aggressive manner.

The female water protector appears to be questioning why the agents are coming up behind them when she gets rushed. Barton turns to get away, and we lose sight for a moment, but he turns around in time for us to clearly see the officer with the baton swing on the unarmed water protectors three times.

The officer makes two hits to the leg area, then as the camera pulls away again, we can see the officer doing an overhead blow to the woman after she had been hit in the legs.

You can hear the female screaming as the officer demands for the wounded female to put her hands behind her back. As she lays on the ground, both officers stand over her before throwing her on her stomach. The woman can be heard screaming, “Stop brutalizing me” over and over as the officers pick her up and walk her away in cuffs.

Three people were said to be arrested during the incident.

Sadly, these cruel tactics have become part of the norm for those who have been at Oceti Sakowin Camp and Sacred Stone Camp over the past few months. Despite the brutal force we have seen used against unarmed water protectors time and time again, no higher agency is stepping in to assure constitutional and human rights are being maintained in the Standing Rock area.

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  1. It is really hard to know the source of these “security” people. Federal police was a generic term seen on some insignia but what is that? It could mean just about anything.

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