Australia: Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) call for 7 Days of Resistance in the lead up to Invasion Day Jan. 20th-26th

Australia invasion day didjeridooWarriors of the Aboriginal Resistance invite everybody to participate in the 7 days of resistance initiative starting 20th January leading up to January 26th 2018. Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance will host a series of events during the lead up to the Invasion day rallies in various cities, regional and remote spaces across the country.

WAR are encouraging mobs to create localised activities to maximise community participation and information sharing by creating banners, stencils, t shirts, stickers, paste ups, clap sticks, spears, boomerangs, dancing on country, eating traditional foods, smoking home and streets, weaving, singing in language, organise elders lunch and storytime, painting flags in public spaces, flying flags, ceremony with family and community. WAR are asking everyone to attend the Stolenwealth games in March 2018, we are raising funds for buses and travel expenses for community members wanting to attend the protest. WAR does not condone any activity that will result in being imprisoned.

#7daysofresistance #stolenwealth #invasionday

7 days of resistance was an initiative proposed by Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance in 2016 to encourage the public to be active in the lead up to invasion day every year. The 7 days of resistance initiative has been successful in activating the community in taking part in creative ways to protest the 26th of January celebrations. Melbourne saw three local councils vote in favour of honouring the Indigenous peoples by not holding celebrations on this day and furthermore to be guided by the traditional owners and wider Indigenous community to seek appropriate ways to remember those who fought in the frontier wars. The national Day of Mourning has been an inspirational landmark for community actions lead by prominent Aboriginal activist on the 26th January 1938 in Elizabeth Street Sydney City, NSW. Aboriginal resistance has been the foundation of Aboriginal existence, for we would not have survived if we did not honour the frontier wars. The Stolenwealth Games will be the main theme for 26th January protest 2018, to campaign against the celebrations of the Commonwealth worldwide.

– To rid any further celebrations of 26th of January
– Creatively change environment to resist 26th of January
– Build awareness of the history of Genocide
– Promote the Stolenwealth Games protest in March 2018

To see the Facebook Event page:

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  1. Translating and relaying the anticolonial indigenous voices of the Americas for France. And fighting to collapse colonialism, which commemorates both Columbus Day and Race Day in Spain.
    I join your resistance, relaying your article, and as I did in relaying the articles, in French by John Pilger who works a lot in this sense and although unlike me, he can not call to a total boycott of the system which included the electoral boycott.
    Find in these few words, the assurance that we resist your side so that 2018 is the Zero Year of a collective political awareness. And as you can read in English in this article to my french blog ►
    Fraternally ; Mrs. Jo Busta Lally

  2. This is my daily publication to my french blog ►
    To bring down the empire without weapons, hatred or violence.
    I call for a concerted decolonization alongside the Natives and First Nations of all continents and as a non-native.
    We resist, by your side …
    Fraternally ; Mrs. Jo Busta Lally

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