Muskrat Falls protesters released on bail

Muskrat Falls arrest 1

A photo posted on Facebook over the weekend shows an Innu protester being taken away from the Muskrat Falls work site. (Madeline Benuen/Facebook)

CBC News, June 14, 2016

Protesters accused of breaking a court order by refusing to leave Nalcor Energy property outside the Muskrat Falls work site have been released on bail.

The six Innu protesters were arrested over the weekend at the entrance to the Labrador megaproject.

Bart Jack, 55, told CBC News Tuesday that he and others spent a night in jail before being granted bail on Monday.

Jack is due back in court on Thursday.

The group blocked the entrance to the construction site and stopped traffic to protest an environmental study on the impact the hydro project will have on caribou in the region.

They said the study, part of an environmental assessment, was conducted by a private organization hired by Nalcor, the Crown corporation behind the hydro project, and presented recently to the Innu Nation.

The Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador issued an injunction ordering protesters to stay clear of the construction site’s entrance.

Five protesters were arrested late Sunday morning after they ignored the court order and continued protesting.

A sixth protester arrived with another group of people shortly after and was arrested for obstruction.

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