Kahnawake Mohawks temporarily block Mercier Bridge in solidarity with #NoDAPL actions


The Mercier Bridge was temporarily blocked by Mohawks in Kahnawake. The bridge is a vital commuter link to Montreal. Photo: CBC News.

Kahnawake community members had erected blockade in show of solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux

CBC News, October 28, 2016

Indigenous activists briefly blocked a Mercier Bridge access ramp in a show of solidarity with opponents of a pipeline project in North Dakota, Kahnawake Peacekeepers said Friday night.

The activists erected a blockade on Highway 132 around 5 p.m., preventing motorists from taking one of the South Shore on-ramps.

The protest ended around 7 p.m., Peacekeepers said.

The protest was in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux, who have been holding a series of protests in recent months against the Dakota Access pipeline in southern North Dakota.

Riot police broke up a protest camp there on Thursday, drawing condemnation from Indigenous groups across the U.S. and Canada.

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  1. What kinds of condemnations and from who? Because it’s not the ‘right kind” of protest?

  2. How can citizens get involved to support

  3. Good for them I hope this will bring some ATTENTION to this! It is terrible how those people ar being treated!

  4. One people … For the last 500 years lands, rights , dignity and peace have been taken away by nations founded by invaders. We know this. All know this.

    I propose “we” take some back at least for a time. No man truly owns the land … No one.
    Nature gives to all air to breath, water to drink, earth to stand on plants and animals to nourish us.

    “public lands” which were all once native lands are a good place to start. They are so called owned by the government and are we not part of the people of the government?

    For those in USA there are 12,000 acres of land on the patuxent wildlife center only twenty miles from washington dc good place to gather! Camping is allowed there but ( only for boy and Girl Scouts) by a federal decree? In 1600s these lands were granted away from the natives by an English King. The forest is beautiful the river tainted but cool on a summers day.
    I welcome you to my sacred lands

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