Wetsuweten train track fire 1

August 8, 2020 (Anonymous Communique]

Last night, a group of Wet’suwet’en barricaded and set fire to the train tracks trespassing on our territory in an act of solidarity with the Mohawks of Six Nations. We are all sovereign peoples and an attack on the Mohawk is an attack on all of us. As Indigenous people we must act collectively against the ongoing genocide of our lands and people. State violence against us will no longer be tolerated and will generate backlash across so called Canada from now on. Indigenous actions are actions made in self defense in the face of genocide. We demand that the OPP stand down and that the Police do not escalate conflicts with Indigenous Peoples. We will not give up until liberation of our lands and people is achieved.

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  1. Lorinda Campbell

    Where and which clan? I’m in neighboring Gitxsan territory and haven’t heard of this

  2. Nimiki Binesikwe

    Now this is solidarity.

  3. I wish to create a peaceful alliance with six nations for my family. I’ve had no issues with natives (excluding a single, second hand incident), I’ve lived in caledonia for years. I’ve worked side by side with natives, lived next to natives. My father taught natives at haggersville. I oppose so much of what my government does i’m far more willing to align with natives despite not being one.

  4. We hear nothing about mikmaq lands amd culture but we are starting to hear about romani union and a roma bill for micmacs . It is now being discussed in Congress .susan patles says they went into hiding. I asked them what their opinions are about roma framework but germaine held up a finger and a French acadian metis flag

  5. Walter Indy Imfeld

    I am a native Swiss bud I love the indigenous way of life and the Spirituality of North American Natives.
    I do not know how I can support Your “fight” against the genocid as I live in Switzerland.
    Bud me find it great how You do it!!

  6. Take care. Blessings. You have the laws of nature on your side but the military industrial complex is ruthless and operates without spiritual guidance.

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