Philippines: Anniversary of Battle of Mactan

Filipino battle of Mactan 1

Battle of Mactan mural in Cebu, Fort San Pedro painting, Philippines;  scene depicts the leader of the Mactan warriors, Lapu-Lapu killing Magellan, commander of the Spanish forces.

On this day in 1521 Indigenous peoples on the island of Mactan in present-day Philippines defeated a heavily armed Spanish force and killed their commander, Magellan.  This was the first Spanish attempt at colonizing what would eventually become the Philippines.For more info check out the Wiki article:

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  1. Reblogged this on Nina's Soap Bubble Box and commented:
    Magellan’s Boat Travelled the globe, the man himself, not entirely so.

    First Contact was always conquest, the Techno Haves vs the Techno have nots… in Movie Jargon: hats vs feathers.

    Actual history is both sides of events, not just the propaganda by the so called winners, eh?

    history then, current events now….

  2. The Wikipedia article depends primarily upon the Italian chronicler Pigafetta’s account, which is clearly written to glorify the Portuguese mercenary commander of the Spanish expedition. If you listen to our oral traditions in the Philippines, you will learn more about the Indigenous perspectives of this battle, which we commemorate every year on Mactan with a celebration called “KADAUGAN SA MACTAN” (“Victory at Mactan”).

  3. The Wikipedia entry depends heavily upon the European invaders’ propaganda. Pigafetta is no more trustworthy than our Indigenous oral traditions.

    We celebrate “KADAUGAN SA MACTAN” (“VICTORY AT MACTAN”) every year on Mactan. That’s where I’m from.

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