Imperial Metals office in Vancouver occupied

Imperial Metals occupied 1

In this photo, land defenders occupy the offices of Imperial Metal in Vancouver, Canada.  The president of Imperial Metals, Bryan Kynoch, stands behind them.



Two years after the Mount Polley disaster, Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society and Ancestral Pride had an action today to show Imperial Metals that we will escalate resistance until they cease and desist all mining operation in our Indigenous territories. Imperial Metals ordered thirty police offers to violently assault Indigenous women and supporters, with four arrests and many bruised bodies. But our spirits are high and we know the world is watching, we have support from around the world. We are holding their responsible for the violence against Indigenous lands and Indigenous women. We sent a message to investors and shareholders, including President Brian Kynoch who was in the office, that they are violating our Indigenous Rights and Title and violating our free, prior and informed consent.

Imperial Metals occupied 2

Imperial Metals occupied 3

Imperial Metals occupied 4

According to Kanahus Manuel, “Vancouver is a hub for mining around the world. This industry is violating peoples and lands around the world and we join Indigenous peoples all over with our war cry to protect our homelands. Our actions will continue until Mount Polley and Imperial Metals are out of our territory. The Indigenous nations are united to get industry out of our territory.”

Four Mount Polley mine protesters arrested at company’s Vancouver office

Canadian Press, August 9, 2016

Vancouver — Police say four people have been arrested following a protest against the Mount Polley mine at its head office in Vancouver.

Vancouver Police Department spokesman Const. Brian Montague says officers were called in on Tuesday when protesters entered the Imperial Metals office and allegedly began behaving aggressively towards staff.

Montague says four people were taken into custody for allegedly pushing and shoving people inside the office.

Another 15 to 20 people stayed outside of the building and continued what Montague calls a loud, but lawful demonstration.

The four arrested were all released without charge after protesters left the site.

The protesters say in a release that they were marking the second anniversary of a spill at the Mount Polley mine in the B.C.’s Interior, where a tailings pond collapsed, sending millions of cubic metres of waste into nearby waterways.



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  1. Wondering if you will help the fight against Ajax in Kamloops?

  2. Reblogged this on Dolphin and commented:
    Sometimes I think only the Native nations are the ones willing to lay down their lives for the environment.

  3. Leslie Stanick

    I fully support the First Nations women protesting the reopening of the mine while the lake has not been cleaned up. The company cannot ensure a tailings pond collapse won’t happen again. They have poisoned the lake, and do not have a right to pollute again.

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