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Activists have held up construction on private property and surprisingly, they have the law on their side.

Winnipeg blockade logging 1

Photo by James Wilt.

by James Wilt, Vice, August 1, 2017

It’s nearly midnight, and a half-dozen Winnipeggers are sitting in the middle of 15-acre clearcut.

Someone occasionally gets up from their lawn chair to feed the campfire with branches from the surrounding area. But everything outside the small circle of light remains silhouetted: the CN rail tracks on one side of the clear cut, massive power lines on the other, the remaining aspen forest behind and a comically large mulching machine a few feet away. Read the rest of this entry

First nations protesters block stretch of Highway 1 east of Winnipeg

Winnipeg’s Métis Friendship Centre battles with AIM over who sits on the board, and what they can wear

winnipeg indian-and-metis-friendship-centreby Shaneen Robinson-Desjarlais, APTN National News, June 15, 2017

Another election was held to create a new board for the embattled Métis Friendship Centre in Winnipeg Wednesday night.

The centre was incorporated nearly 60 years ago – but has been in the limelight lately because of allegations of mismanagement and infighting. Read the rest of this entry

Indigenous Anti-Fascist Rally in Winnipeg

Antifa Winnipeg 1

Indigenous warriors and Antifa confront police vehicle during rally against right wing extremists in Winnipeg, June 3, 2017.

by  JASON FRIESEN, Winnipeg Sun, June 3, 2017

Punches were thrown and a 22-year-old individual was arrested as a rally and counter-rally collided at the Manitoba Legislature on Saturday.

The individual who identifies as transgender was arrested for obstructing a peace officer but was later released from custody on a promise to appear in court. Read the rest of this entry

Indigenous activists confront drug dealers at downtown Winnipeg mall

winnipeg-portage-placeGroup says drug dealing around Portage Place is getting out of control

By Austin Grabish, CBC News, March 25, 2017

A group of Indigenous activists are fighting against drug trafficking they say is causing trouble around Portage Place Shopping Centre.

“The women and the children don’t feel safe. The elders don’t feel safe walking through the back [of the mall] so we decided we’re going to shut all this down,” said Vin Clarke, a member of a group called Urban Warrior Alliance. Read the rest of this entry

First Nations elder explains why he interjected on Trudeau’s behalf at Winnipeg town hall


Welcome to Winnipeg, Prime Minister! As Trudeau delivers a sermon, a woman holds an anti-pipeline sign behind him during a “town hall” meeting in Winnipeg, Jan 26, 2017.

‘Please respect everybody’ elder Ernie Daniels said as protesters interrupted PM at Thursday’s town hall

By Jillian Taylor, CBC News, Jan 27, 2017

An elder from the Long Plain First Nation says he can’t believe he made the news for speaking up when protesters interrupted the prime minister’s town hall in Winnipeg on Thursday.

“I was just playing the role as an elder, mediator, mitigator — make things flow, in a nice way,” said Ernie Daniels. Read the rest of this entry

Mama Bear Clan: Meet the women-led group patrolling Winnipeg streets


Mama Bear Clan members walk down Main Street, making their way toward a shelter for the city’s homeless population. (Martha Troian/CBC)

Volunteers now patrol some of city’s toughest streets

By Martha Troian, CBC News, November 30, 2016

Jennifer Roulette knows what it feels like to live in poverty and to lose her home, all while being a single mom.

The 33-year-old Winnipeg mother of four says she can relate to the people on the street whom she now spends her time helping.

Roulette is part of the Mama Bear Clan, a group of volunteers keeping an eye on the street and its people. Read the rest of this entry

Winnipeg cops join Bear Clan on patrol in city’s North End


Bear Clan Patrol co-founder James Favel and Winnipeg Police Cst. Jeff Boehm.

‘It’s a big deal, having a collaborative effort like this,’ Bear Clan Patrol co-founder says

CBC News, October 12, 2016

Winnipeg police put boots on the ground along with the Bear Clan in the North End Wednesday night.

Four officers from the Winnipeg Police Service joined the community patrol, which has been walking North End streets on its own since 2015. Read the rest of this entry

Winnipeggers march to show solidarity with Standing Rock


Participants in Winnipeg solidarity rally, Sept 18, 2016.

Dozens of protesters walked peacefully down Portage Avenue Sunday

CBC News, September 18, 2016

A group of Winnipeggers marched down Portage Avenue Sunday, in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota.

The reservation is currently fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline, a multibillion-dollar project that would see crude oil transported from a Bakken oilfield near the Canadian border to Illinois. Read the rest of this entry

McDougall inquest delayed after witness changes account of police shooting


Craig McDougall. Photo: CBC News.

Craig McDougall was shot and killed by police in August 2008

By Jillian Taylor, CBC News, August 8, 2016

The family of a man shot and killed by police will have to keep waiting for answers.

The inquest into his death was delayed after one of the witnesses dramatically changed their story.

“The nature of the evidence we’ve been given throws a very big wrench into what we had expected to happen,” said Corey Shefman, who is the McDougall family’s lawyer. Read the rest of this entry