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A Close Look at Two Jailed Mi’kmaq Warriors Who Protested Big Oil in New Brunswick

Germaine Breau looks one during the RCMP raid of Oct 17, 2013, shortly before his arrest.

Germaine Breau looks on during the RCMP raid of Oct 17, 2013, when he was arrested.

By Miles Howe, Vice, 

On Tuesday, July 29th, after over nine months in custody and an extended trial which took place over the course of several months, Mi’kmaq Warrior Society members Germaine ‘Junior’ Breau and Aaron Francis were finally sentenced for their involvement in an RCMP raid of an anti-shale gas encampment near Rexton, New Brunswick in October last year. Read the rest of this entry

Jailed Mi’kmaq warrior now faces 19 charges

Germain Breau originally charged with 4 offences related to Oct. 17 demonstration

CBC News, Dec 19, 2013New Brunswick Oct 17 6 defendants

A 21-year-old New Brunswick man now faces 19 criminal charges in connection with his actions during an anti-shale gas protest clash with RCMP on Oct. 17 in Kent County.

Germain Breau has been in custody since that date when he was arrested by RCMP on Route 134 near Rexton. Read the rest of this entry