Update: Anti-Fracking Protest Continues in New Brunswick

Netnewsledger.com, December 1, 2013

RCMP tactical troop members line Highway 11 to protect SWN vehicles, Dec 1, 2013.

RCMP tactical troop members line Highway 11 to protect SWN vehicles, Dec 1, 2013.

Protesters in New Brunswick against shale gas development came to a line of Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers in St. Charles, New Brunswick. 

From the scene, Steven Standing Wolfpaw Kakinoosit reports, “What a tense day today. Had two showdowns with police today. First was by the 134 site. That one was tense, but things got very tense at the second showdown by St-Charles. Thought for sure that the RCMP were going to charge our lines at the second showdown. The were geared up and ready to fight, they even had bean bag shotguns. They looked like those shotguns from the Buck Hunter Arcade game”.

“The most tense moment for me was when I saw and heard the police select and target my girlfriend. I was filled with pride when she began to sing a prayer and healing song for the RCMP, their families and all of us,” adds Standing Wolfpaw Kakinoosit.

The scene on Hwy 11, Dec 1, 2013.

The scene on Hwy 11, Dec 1, 2013.

“Its is just more proof that the police are only here to serve corporate interests and would even think for a second to try and harm three women who were simply sitting on the ground,” continues  Standing Wolfpaw Kakinoosit.

The protests are mounting in frequency. Aboriginal people, as keepers of the land, see the issue as one key to their role in society, and key to the future of Mother Earth and Turtle Island.

For Monday, December 2nd the move is to increase the scope of the protests.

The message from New Brunswick from the protestors who are calling themselves the HWY 11 Land Defenders is to “Show solidarity by taking action in your community. Where possible, highway shutdowns are encouraged however any action of support, such as banner drops, are welcome”.


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  1. And our fire still burning in Akwesasne to support your cause , for all who want clean water.

  2. We will be with you as we meditate in the snow by Seneca Lake, protesting Inergy LLC’s plans to store LPG in salt mines under and along the lake.

    Stay warm! And check us out on Facebook at EarthVigil. Solidarity!

  3. Please bring any extra blankets, boots, plastic tarps, to the IDLE NO MORE RALLY. late last night i met a 40 year old Cree man. at the 711 in Burnaby
    711, he shared the story of how he had a motorcycle accident when he was l9 years old which left him very disabled. he has been homelessness for twenty years. Last night in Vanncouver It was freezing cold with wind and rain. This man was clean and sober. By the time he had pan handled enough money he was FLAILING, HIS BODY WAS IN SPASMS, Simply because he did not have Warm Dry Clothing. Someone had brought him a sleeping bag. i brought him one blanket. Every night he is at the Sky Train on Commercial Drive. I wish someone would pick him up and take him home so he is dry, warm and rested….in the meantime, i will have my van aat the March for and “Extra Blankets, Boots, Sox.

  4. Bravo à vous. Comité de Vigilance Gaz de schiste du Suroît Qc

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